Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to  Frequently Asked Questions that you may have about my copywriting.  If you have further questions, don’t hesitate to email me personally at or use my Contact TKB Form.

What exactly do you do?

 I am a freelance copywriter. The copy I write is used in marketing your products and services, and in building trusted relationships with businesses who buy your products and services.

Identifying the needs and desires of your prospects, helping you to tell prospects how you can solve their greatest concerns and teaching them about what makes your company superiority is essential in B2B copywriting.  Let me tell Your B2B story.

Writing B2B copy that will educate and inform your prospects about your products or services is my specialty.  Copy for the B2C market is a secondary service.  My experience with the products and services serving the disability community is both as an end user and a vendor.  

What do you do charge?

I am a freelance copywriter. I charge by the project. Contact Tony for a FREE discussion of your project. I will give you a written quote.

What kinds of copywriting projects do you write?

A FREE initial meeting to discuss your needs is the best way to start.

Then we can determine if I can meet all your needs.


Informational and educational documents are my specialty.  Because of my expertise in the Americans with Disabilities Act, accessibility and other disability related topics, I can provide solutions to your concerns working with the disability community.

These include:



Case Studies



Lead Generation Projects

Website Copy

White Papers

Ghostwriting Services:

Translating your thoughts and ideas into writing is a skilled process.  See more about how I can help you share your knowledge and be recognized for your expertise here.

Contact Tony for specifics to meet your needs.  

What if I need graphics, not just the copy? Do you do design or work with an artist?

I do not do design work or work directly on your website. I do work with artists and web designers, but it’s not a package deal. After you hire me, I can give you some recommendations. It is up to you to find the right artist for your job and you can come to terms with them on your own. If you find your own artist or web designer, I can work with them. Either way is fine with me.

Are you willing to sign a non-disclosure agreement?


I treat ALL my client’s information as privileged.  As a paralegal I am trained in document control and have years of experience in handling confidential information.

How do you handle revisions?

Revisions are included at no extra charge as long as they are within the original scope and definition of the project.  Additional work beyond the original project or redefinition work will be quoted at a reasonable rate.

Revision requests must be submitted within 30 days of your receipt of the first draft copy.  My satisfaction guarantee includes making specific changes up to 30 days after the final document submission.

»  Minor revisions will be returned in 3 business days.

»  Major revisions will take longer.  A projected completion date will be given after determining the extent of the revision.

Do You Guarantee Your Work?

Absolutely, I guarantee your satisfaction with my work. 

If you are not happy, tell me specifically what you would like changed within 30 days of the final document submission.  I will do everything possible to meet our agreement or I will refund 100% of your payment.

There will be no charge for work based on the original scope and definition of the project.

 Specific results from the project cannot be guaranteed.  

Business factors beyond my control, such as your product, market, price, customer list, demand, consumer preferences, the economy and major events will determine your actual results.

Do you have an established process for projects?

Yes, though every project is different and different documents have different requirement.  Still, there is a basic format I follow.after determining the scope of the project I submit a proposal with my fees and other details.

After determining the scope of the project I submit a proposal with my fees and other details.

Once we have an agreement the discovery meeting will be when we outline the process and identify the key participants and resources required.