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The Powerful Case for Case Studies


Savvy businesspeople know Case Studies are a very powerful, versatile and beneficial tool.  It is the combination of the information and the mode of delivery.  Alan Rickman said, “It is an ancient need to be told stories.  But the story needs a great storyteller.”

A compelling story delivers important information in a way people understand it and remember it.


Asking for a reference or a testimonial is a common practice to give creditably.  A Case Study is more detailed, more informative and gives greater credibly.  Written in a story form, the information also becomes more easily accessible and entertaining.

In The Speed of Trust Stephen Covey makes Results one of his 4 Cores of Creditably.

“Results (Competency)

The Fourth Core is Results: There are three areas of results people look at to judge your credibility. First, your past results: what you have proven you can do. Second, your current results: what you are contributing right now. Third, your potential results: what people anticipate you will accomplish in the future.”

The bottom line is you are presenting results in a success story.  Showing how your product or service solved a real life problem for an actual customer.  This is Your B2B Story!


  Shorten Sales Cycles

Many problems are not specific to a particular business or even a particular industry.  Seeing a common problem resolved can be the convincing factor.  Provides justification for committee or executive approval to make the purchase now.  Help your sales team shorten the sales cycle with this forceful tool!



Delivering information about the successful use of your product or service in this memorable form makes one or more Case Studies ideal content for trainings.

þ  Internally:  Sales, Customer Service, everyone in your company always loves to share a good success story.  Don’t rely on the sketchy details of a story casually passed around the office.  Give them a great true story, fully documented!

þ  Externally:  Show the full cycle in Your B2B Story. — Your customer identifies a specific problem; Determines you offer a solution; And demonstrates that you solved their problem.  This is extremely powerful.  Achieve your ultimate goal.  Become known as the source for solutions.

þ  PowerPoint adds visuals to transform a good story into a dynamic presentation.  Create this tool for your company and be amazed at the uses your staff finds for this tool.


  Company Publications/Web Site

Using a Case Study is excellent content for your newsletter, blog, magazine or other publications in print or electronic formats.  Use your PowerPoint tool or a video version to liven up your website.  Give your visitors or readers a success story that lets them see themselves benefitting from your products or services too.  Success stories show creditability, contributes to building trust and confidence.  This is what makes a publication successful.


  Lead Generation Campaigns

Offer a free Case Study in your ads or on your website.  Email it as a PDF or share your PowerPoint tool and grow your mailing list.  Prep your lead prior to your sales team making contact with a success story.  Create a positive impression by showing how you solved a problem for another company.


  White Papers

Contribute to the educational content of a White Paper.  Case Studies are: A validation of claims; Additional information as a sidebar summary; Or an additional resource with a simple link to the full Case Study.


  PR / Media

Feed the media’s hunger for a good story.  Case Study content is easy to convert into media friendly PR releases.  Create interesting articles with happy endings that show you are a source for solutions.


Should we be talking about all the ways Case Studies can benefit your company?  Contact TKB Now!