Educational Documents

The family of Educational Documents has 3 primary members:

Articles;  E-books;  White Papers

Each of these documents has a certain style.  In the brief informational segments below each showcases the style of the featured document.

Articles:  The Multipurpose Marketing Tool

Articles are one of the oldest forms of copy and a mainstay in every writer’s toolbox.  Ironically articles are normally a short document in an area that is normally considered long form documents.  Articles adapt its length and format to its surroundings like a chameleon.

It can be brief information piece written to catch the eye of someone scanning a page by featuring:

  • Short paragraphs
  • Lots of white space
  • Bullets or lists

Or you may find yourself sitting in a comfortable chair, enjoying the feel of paper in your hands.  Being drawn into a story by an eye catching headline.  Developing the picture of a scene that promises to satisfy your curiosity with what could be beneficial information.

Equally at home in the electronic world.  Make your article into a web page, deliver it in an e-mail or as content in an e-newsletter.  The interactive realm has benefits.  Use active links in your article to offer your readers instant opportunities.  Link them directly to educational or sales materials.  Make free offers to develop your mailing list and create lead generations.  All available with a simple tap or click.

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E-Books:  The New Kid on the Block

What is an E-book?
That is a good question, but there is no good answer!
E-books have been around for a while.  Apparently not long enough to have a universal definition.  Efforts to define them often make comparisons to other documents.
  • E-books are a modern, online version of a white paper.  
  • E-books are long electronic versions of articles.
The E designation tells me as an electronic document I can take advantage of using active links.  Direct your reader to specific pages on your website or connect them to the greatest library in the world, the Internet, with a single click. 
“The technology keeps moving forward, which makes it easier for the artists to tell their stories and paint the pictures they want.”   George Lucas
This makes an E-book as another tool in my writer’s toolbox.  Book gives the impression of a tool with length and depth.  E-books are the blank pages waiting for new ideas, compelling messages, the type of information that tells Your B2B Story.
You have an idea on how you want to use an E-book?
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The White Paper: Why It Is Still Such An Important Document

The White Paper is a rather unique document utilized in the marketing process.  It normally never directly addresses the product or service being considered.  Yet it could be the most important document in the marketing process.

In the realm of business to business, B2B, the White Paper holds historical significance.  Even its name comes from the fact that it was originally a simple document of facts written on plain white paper.  Back in the day, the sole focus of advertising was on the features of a product or service.  The White Paper served as the primary marketing document by defining and explaining the problem.  Today it is more on a setup document.  It informs and educates potential customers to create a foundation of understanding.  This complements the other marketing materials.  Follow-up documents create more persuasive and compelling arguments by building on this foundation.

The fact that the White Paper still exists at all attests to its importance.  It is not a marketing document for a particular product or service.  There is no sales push at all.  Written at a higher level, white papers address one specific problem in a particular field or industry.  It explains the technology or methodology which provides a solution to that problem.  A successful White Paper clearly shows how this common problem can be resolved.

There are significant differences from the business to consumer, B2C, area.  B2B purchases are frequently a significant investment or commitment.  Therefore making a purchase is a longer, more involved process.  A chain of B2B documents have developed to facilitate each step of this process.  One of the key differences is the role of education, a role primarily filled by the White Paper.

The White Paper fills a necessary role.  It creates the firm foundation by educating the prospective customer.  Other B2B sales documents then show how your business utilizes this specific technology or methodology.  From there it is easier to specifically show a customer that your company is the solution their business is seeking.

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