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The Pen is Mightier Than The Sword

TKBwrites, my freelance copywriting service works to tell Your B2B Story and strengthen your customer relations.  To help you to build the “know, like and trust” factor that creates a long term customer relationship.

In life everything grows, develops, evolves.  Business adapt to changes in the markets and the changing times or they fail.  Your B2B Story is your history.  It tells the evolution of the people, products and services that have united to form your company.  The focused team that serves your customers.  Tell your story to your customers, be recognized as a business which understands the changing business world.

Hard work and dedication allowed me to become a world class fencer.  See my story below.  Those same skills are applied to my writing.

The skillfully wielded pen shows its own strength in a story where it can build entire worlds.  How you convey your information to your B2B customers defines your company, especially in long form content.  My specialty is long form documents. The friendly, storytelling style that readers like is my carefully refined style of conveying information.

The elite skills I developed with the sword and the pen is what I use to tell Your B2B Story.  Get to know the abilities I can offer you.

Every contact provides an opportunity.  Let your documents tell Your B2B Story.  Make your customers feel like they know you.  Present a likable professional image that creates the trust necessary for the reader to become a customer.  Build the relationship that will make your customers be the ones describing your business as elite.

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Why am I the one to tell Your B2B Story? 

My life as a writer started as a 3rd grade boy.  Overhearing my teacher praise my writing to my mom at a PTA meeting gave me pride in my writing.  Pride still maintained in all my different forms of writing.  Thru school, then college I was taught formal writing.  Paralegal training and work in corporate compliance focused on presenting the facts.  Remember the famous quote from Dragnet where Sgt. Joe Friday always said in a very dry, solemn voice, “Just the fact ma’am.”

I was never satisfied with just the facts.  I always strived to make my business writing interesting, memorable, easy to read like my fiction writing.

Rudyard Kipling said, “If history were taught in the form of stories, it would never be forgotten.”

Studying copywriting I began to learn another style of writing.  Soon I found my styles converging.  What has evolved is a combination of my best skills; carefully researched facts with the persuasive techniques told in the easy to read and remember style of a story.

My commitment is to do my best to develop Your B2B Story, I will not settle for less nor ask you to settle for less.


Below are two examples of a short case study.  Kinnear Office Furnishings had a short 350 word limit.  In version 1 I was trying to get all the essential elements together.  It makes a pretty good case study.  However, I knew it could be better.

Compare the two versions for yourself.  I think you will agree version 2 shows pretty good is not good enough.

Kinnear Office Furnishings Case Study version 1   KOF Case Study v1

Kinnear Office Furnishings Case Study version 2  KOF Case Study v2


1998 Wheelchair Fencing World Championship Team in Bonn, Germany
1998 Wheelchair Fencing World Championship Team in Bonn, Germany

Fencing taught me the power, the history and the beauty of the sword.

Experience has shown me that the pen truly is mightier than the sword.

  • 12 years as an internationally ranked world class wheelchair fencer;
  • Fenced foil and epee in two world championships.

Experience at this level taught me more than fencing skills.  Reaching the elite level requires an extensive skill set.  Dedication, training, development, attention to details and hard work are all necessary skills.

Similar challenges confront you in the B2B world.  You must recognize and identify problems, quickly review your options and implement a winning solution.  Dedication, skills and the determination not to settle for ‘good enough’ allowed me to become elite.

I am determined to tell Your B2B Story with elite level documents.

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